How To Decorate with Nice Bedroom Curtain To Make It Irresistible

cách trang trí phòng ngủ nhỏ với rèm làm sao đẹp

Nice bedroom curtains bring extremely comfortable and comfortable feeling whenever you come home after a tired working day. Especially this is the private space of the couple so the selection of colors, designs, even “feng shui” should be focused. Architect will guide you how to best decorate with nice bedroom curtain!

 rèm cửa sổ hàn quốc đỏ tía bèo thêu sang trọng

1. The unexpected effects to decorate with nice bedroom curtain

Bedroom curtains can be divided into 2 layers. The outer layer you choose thick fabrics or types of hot sunscreen, with gentle patterns. The main function of the product is to both block sunlight and decorate. In the inner layer, you add a thin layer of chiffon fabric. In the afternoon of sunset, you can lift the outer curtain to reveal the inner chiffon layer to admire the romantic scenery.
When you want to decorate with nice bedroom curtain, you will feel comfortable as soon as you enter the house. Nice bedroom, neatly arranged, reasonably nothing is equal. At that time, you just want to rest, have a good sleep to recharge for the new day.


rèm cửa sổ phòng khách phòng ngủ phòng ăn cửa trượt màu ghi đầu vắt Hàn Quốc2. How to choose the best curtain for you

Not only has a beauty effect, the curtain also adjusts light, limiting outside noise. With materials and styles increasingly diverse, the curtain creates the most luxurious and romantic for your bedroom.

About the materials

Because the bedroom needs absolute safety, privacy and equally romantic, the curtains in the room are more shielding than decoration. Curtains in the bedroom should choose relatively thick fabrics or specific fabrics, both sunscreen, while reducing the outside temperature. However, you can choose fabric that is not too thick but has printed patterns for classic rooms or stereoscopic patterns.

How to decorate with nice bedroom curtain depends on the form, architectural space and furniture in the room. If cleverly arranged, you can easily hide the bad outside landscape, fill in defects or create a beautiful virtual window. For such an aesthetic effect, you need to consider, choose the right style, color, fabric material to decorate details.

rèm Hàn Quốc cao cấp màu cà phê bèo thêu sang trọng

About how to combine with other furnitures

With modern style bedrooms, combined with large glass windows, you should use simple curtains such as roman blinds, traditional blinds. And the bedroom is classic, with sophisticated furniture, the fabric curtain is the best. The fabric should be soft, sleek with patterns or elegant motifs like smooth silk, rough silk, chiffon …

About colors in decorating your bedroom with curtains

Choosing the curtain according to the color of the wall is simple and relatively easy. But if choosing colors according to furniture, it must be a fixed decoration, occupying an important space. Note, in the bedroom you do not use the colors too strong but should choose neutral colors suitable for many spaces and ages.

3. How to decorate with nice bedroom curtains following Feng Shui theories

According to the concept of feng shui, the curtains have the effect of reducing killing intent and increasing the atmosphere of the house. Most doors are facing the sun to catch the sun, helping to circulate air from outside into the room. So curtains have the effect of supporting and affecting the destiny of the homeowners.

rèm cao cấp vải Hàn Quốc thêu hoa sang trọng viền rủHow to choose nice bedroom curtain which suits the owner’s Chi

+ If the owner is destined to Kim, he should choose the white curtain. Matching carpentry choose the green curtain. Match the fire with purple. Matches the yellow curtains. Suitable for aqua choose blue curtain.

+ You should not choose curtains with red, black colors because they will inhibit nerves, causing stress. Curtains also avoid pink because this color stimulates peach blossom. Especially for married people, pink curtains can lead to the appearance of the 3rd person ruining the couple’s happiness.

+ The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the color of the wall and ceiling. The ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the earth and the wall represents the people. Therefore, the color of walls or curtains connects ceiling and floor. The color of the walls and curtains should be darker than the ceiling, lighter than the floor to create harmony.

rèm 3d cành đào mùa xuânChoose the curtain that fits the aesthetic and architecture

+ People with personality often choose curtains with breaking patterns. But according to the concept, the drawings can express bad things, such as skulls, ferocious animals …

+ You should also choose curtain texture carefully, especially for the elderly and children. Do not use curtains that are ugly or weird.

+ Curtains should not be too thick and heavy will adversely affect the relationship of your family members. Even if prolonged makes homeowners feel tired, reduce work efficiency.

+ Curtains with pictures too beautiful can make family less visitors to play. So choose the optimal texture is simple drawings or patterns will be better.

rèm 3d in hoa đen trắng trang nhãSome suggestions on how to decorate the bedroom with curtains above hope to partly help you get the most accurate choice for your “home”!

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