Most Reliable Methods to Choose Small Bedroom Blind

chọn rèm cửa sổ phòng ngủ nhỏ small bedroom blind

For a long time, bedroom curtains are an indispensable furniture item for bedroom space. In addition to creating luxury, blocking light, small bedroom blind have many other benefits on both the health and mood of the homeowner. So how to choose small bedroom blind? Design experts will help you with that!

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1. How to choose a small bedroom blind?

Do not underestimate when the curtains have the ability to change, “transform” the appearance of the room in a miraculous way. Especially if the room contains a modest area, little decorations, curtains play an important role in aesthetics. You will see a huge difference before and after installing the curtain. When choosing small bedroom window blinds, you need to learn and choose carefully. There is a mistake when many people think that the bedroom is a place where few people travel. However, the bedroom is a place to rest and relax after a tiring day of work. So first, please learn beauty theories first!

2. Why you should install small bedroom blind right away

Install curtains to protect against weathering

Surely everyone knows, installing small bedroom window blinds are mainly used to block the sun and rain. But how many people know why we have to hide it so they don’t shine in the room. Sunlight has a negative effect on other furniture inside the home, including the bedroom. Whether it is wood, or a solid metal object, plastic, or electronics are affected by the heat of the sun.

Install small bedroom blind for more comfortable sleep

In addition, sunlight directly affects the quality of sleep. When lying in space with too much sunlight, you feel heavy, dizzy mind when you wake up. That means that from the early morning, you’ve suffered heat. Currently curtains are not only effective against heat, but also help the room become more airy.

Installing small bedroom blind also helps obscure the contents of the room

Many homes usually have windows facing the opposite house. Standing at a certain angle, the neighbor easily observed what the other side has items, what actions. Having extra curtains is a way to prevent others from scrutinizing your private life. It will not be interesting when sometimes you accidentally caught someone’s eyes towards your room. Feeling uncomfortable and frustrating. So curtains are the best solution.


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Installing small bedroom blind adds an aesthetic

You can turn the room into a radiant, different from your favorite color tones.

Installing small bedroom blind is beneficial for your baby

According to research, if young children sleep in environments with strong light will affect the development of thinking. Besides children are also prone to dreaming, not deep sleep. Under the light, our eyes still feel, the brain will respond to that information so when sleeping part of the brain is still active.

In addition, the color of the curtain also affects the mentality and personality of the child later. For children often exposed to soft colors such as pink, purple, white, green … usually mild. As for the hot colors like red and yellow, the child is a bit rough and easily gets hotter.

3. Gow to choose small bedroom blind according to Feng Shui

According to feng shui, the curtain is an item that affects the health and fortune of the homeowner and if installed in the bedroom is no exception.

+ If the door direction opens to the North: you should choose blue. The North of Destiny is suitable for curtain styles with pleats, suggesting the image of water waves.

+ If the door direction is open in the West and Northwest: you should use white or gray curtains. The West belongs to the Kim destiny, combining the form of duckweed or knot to create a prosperous atmosphere.

+ If the main door or window facing south, southwest, southeast: you choose curtains red or orange. Curtains should be in a blocky form but soft.

+ If the main door is open to the east or southeast: choose the blue or brown tone, let go naturally.

Some other notes when selecting motifs for small bedroom window curtains are: Do not choose curtains with embroidery of dragons, phoenixes, carp … because this summoned beast is only suitable for people of the same age. It is best that you choose the curtains with elegant textures, not the shape to ensure safety.

So choosing a small bedroom window curtain has a lot of benefits. With the variety of models currently on the market, you can easily own the most satisfactory and suitable product. When decorating, remember the feng shui element for the room is always harmonious!

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